Warm Caring

November 28, 2018


Care obliges us to constant fostering, not only because it is in its very nature to be about mundane maintenance and repair, but because a world’s degree of liveability might well depend on the caring accomplished within it.


By Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, (2012),

 ‘Nothing comes without its world: thinking with care’, The Sociological Review, 60: 197–216.


motionless requirements of mobility

Every human being has been cared for as a child or would not be alive. Understanding the values involved in care, and how its standards reject violence and domination, are possible with the ethics of care. It need not invoke religious beliefs that carry divisive baggage.

When we bring infrastructure into substitute context, things go in the same way. The system in Stockholm has approximately 110 hubs. Each hub contains between 9 and 24 bikes.

I want to take four terms as representatives. Firstly, we came to repairing service. People may ride bikes everyday. And sharing style means there must be some stuff to maintain the amount of healthy bikes. From the perspective of ethnic, the caring of broken bike is for the normal operation. Secondly, it comes to the shed at the crossing which is not so common in Sweden. It is used for keep the people from sun and rain when they are waiting for the traffic lights. And then we can turn the relationship between user and nature to that between users of different system. There will always be a side to compromise when vehicles meet bicycles to keep the users safe. Last but not the least, the station setup, which combines the bikes renting and parking area shows original purpose of efficiency and convenience caring.

Caring does not rely on dubious claims about universal norms of reason to which we must give priority in all questions of morality. Instead, it develops on the basis of experience, reflection on it and discourse concerning it, an understanding of the most basic and most comprehensive values.


Task7 Jiameng Li

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