Infrastructure & Gender – Bagarmossen Metro Station

November 30, 2018


The object of study for this project has been the metro station in Bagarmossen, where I live. Even though I both study architecture and use the metro almost every day, I hadn’t reflected so much in the architecture of my local metro station in Bagarmossen. It was not until I started to draw it that I realized that the station is kind of shaped like a star.

Infrastructure is many times so taken for granted that we don’t even think about it. We don’t reflect over all the infrastructure that we use on a daily basis or how much of our physical world that somehow is, or relate to, infrastructure. We, the society, shape the infrastructure for our needs, and the infrastructure also shapes us and our lives. Among other, infrastructure connects us to other people, it makes our life easier in many ways and provide us with material commodities and necessities. Since there are issues of gender inequality in the society, those issues are off course mirrored or entangled in our infrastructures, in our physical and social environments.

Helena Eriksson

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