Between Over-Control and Safety

December 3, 2018


This booklet is a series of reflection on the infrastructure of surveillance contemplating on the presence CCTV-cameras in public and semi-public spaces. The responses on various readings lead the observation through the issues of care, mainteinance, vulnerabilities, affect, gender and love. The case study is based on the example of two capitals – Moscow and Stockholm, the cities with completely different political and social viewpoints on the subject.

The aim is probably not to find the genuine answers but to ask the right questions. Why are we so afraid of being observed? Is surveillance an act of care? What is the right balance between being taken care of and being controlled? Why did you put a piece of tape on your laptop camera – do you really think someone gives a damn about what you do in front of it?

Join me, dear rope-walkers, on a journey Between Over-Control and Safety.

Ekaterina Ulitina

One Response to “Between Over-Control and Safety”

  1. mariaolssoneklund Says:

    Hi, I wonder which settings we shall use when publishing,… Public, admins and editors or password? Best, Maria

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