Infrastructural Love

December 12, 2018

Task 4 drawing

To my next door neighbor

Dear neighbor!

I remember that I saw your name on every other door in our house; K-Ö-K, just those tree letters. I used to think it had to be the most common name in the world. Every time I passed by one of the doors I hoped someone would open, just so I could get a glimpse of the “commons”, but only the doors next to them ever did open. After a while I understood that I actually already had met my neighbor, and that the doors led me to you, Kitchen.

You had already been there for so many moments in my life, large and small. From regular dinners and breakfasts during the weekdays, to birthday celebrations and parties. But you were also there during all the bad, when I was sick, sad or lonely. You are always with me even now, even though your door leads to someone else’s neighbor. You stay with me through all my endeavors and change with me, through your own iterations. You’re always willing to share your space, and ask almost nothing in return. Whatever I want to do; laugh, eat, drink, learn, discuss or just escape, you support. You have so much love to give and always receive with open arms.
I could retell so many great stories of times we shared, but you already know all of them. The fact that even as I write this now I am in your embrace fills me with joy and warmth.

I love you Kitchen, and I wish everyone would have a neighbor as great as you!


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