Social Nature

December 13, 2018

Social Nature

A generalising definition of infrastructures would be systems providing crucial services. One could start to see nature as the entity providing these services. In this essay we will see how the parks quickly became a support for physical activity as well as social gathering where communities from very different socio-economical background crossed paths. We will also observe how our attitude to nature and our use of public parks can be moulded and influenced by personal narratives and individual agency. Through the example of Hyde Park in London, we will explore how green spaces in an urban context are shaping our behaviours and how the question of access to green infrastructures in the city is primordial to the inhabitants’ quality of life. As access to nature has been known to make people more happy and allow for relaxation of the mind and the body, we will question what happens when green infrastructures fail and do not fulfil their role as an escape from the urban fabric. Finally, we will explore the possibility for parks to provide a sense of place and a sense of belonging, allowing to create meaningful and inclusive spaces that are worth caring for.

Marie Le Rouzic


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