A letter for fitting room

December 17, 2018

task4 drawing.jpg

Dear fitting room,

Actually, I think it’s quite strange to write you a love letter, because you don’t belong to me, I don’t own a fitting room, you are more like an existing that always there when I need you.

You always stay quietly in an unobvious corner of a clothing store, never show off yourself like the clothes. But when customers need to try clothes, you are always there to provide a safe place, or even I would like to call you “short time” home. They can look for the appearances they want the most, maybe the look that they would never show to others. A guy who wears white clothes for the whole life, when he/she decides to embrace the colors, you are the first one to witness his/her change, you tell him/her “you can do it”, with your the most honest comment ”mirror”. When a boy who actually likes to wear the girl’s clothes doesn’t have the courage to wear them in the street, you are the most sincere friend to share this secret happiness with him.

You are also the assessor for my closet, all the buddies in my closet have passed the test of yours.  I would not buy a cloth without your agreement. That’s why when I told the closet that I am going to write you a letter, it insist me send you a regard, I think it just respect you a lot, hahah.

Recently, I watched the modern family, there are some plots about the smart closet, I believe one day you will become a smart fitting room. When I enter you, tell you my height and weight, then you can make projection of suitable clothes on me, reduce the time of trying every clothes, I only need to try the good ones. I really look forward to the day when this comes true, you must also wants to be smarter and more useful, after all, you are such a kindness buddy, like a short-time home.


J. G.

task 4


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