Failure of the changing room

December 17, 2018

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The infrastructures in current social life are in a complex environment where various factors have influence on their use and existence.

On a large scale, first of all, changing rooms will exist while in a profitable store. The well-run business is a necessary requirement for store to keep infrastructures like changing rooms operating. It would be a failure when the store does not run well. Secondly, in many countries with the remarkable development of electric-business, more and more people choose to shop online rather than buying clothes in the tangible stores. In this way, traditional changing rooms are being abandoned gradually because of the convenience and novel experience provided by online shopping.

Looking into a smaller scale, there are a lot of cases where infrastructures like changing rooms fail. Changing room would be in chaos when the amount of users exceeds its capacity. A lot of people will have to wait in line for a long time and shopping experience will get worse. Moreover, lighting in changing rooms is a predominant part. The light should provide a stable and clear light environment for customers to see the true color precisely. When the light is dim or has bad influence on people’s perception, then the changing rooms are in failure because they do not offer what they are supposed to offer.

The failures of changing room show the vulnerable aspect of the infrastructure. They seem to be stable and long-lasting in our life, but actually they are suffering different failures in both physical and functional ways. To think in a different way, these failures may be a guide for us to modify it or design a new generation. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are attempting to combine the traditional changing rooms with virtual-reality technology together in order to make good use of the merits from each. For instance, people can customize the interior lighting and temperature in a physical changing room so they can make sure the environment of the changing room will meet their requirements. Furthermore, once the physical changing room is replaced by virtual one, there would be great potential without the physical limitation. And that would be the future.



task 6


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