Fitting room – as an infrastructure

December 17, 2018

In this course, I have the opportunity to study the fitting room as an infrastructure, study it from the aspect of a part of architecture in the framework of infrastructure.

The fitting room is a basic kind of infrastructure of commercial center nowadays and it has a vital influence on the customers’ shopping experience. Given the complexity and diversity of the clothing stores, it is easier to understand the fitting rooms by classifying them into different categories.

Fitting rooms are consist of a series of components and influenced by them in different ways and aspects, also are connected with numbers of same units. Like other infrastructure, fitting rooms shall be plural form as well.

As a part of a clothing store, the fitting room always exist in the architecture. We can say that the architecture provides the fitting room constant maintenance and care. It is hard to image a fitting room that is not in an architecture, because it can not fulfill its basic function.

Jin Gu

Fitting room booklet

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