The roof of fitting room – architecture

December 17, 2018

task7 drawing.jpg

As a part of a clothing store, the fitting room always exist in the architecture. We can say that the architecture provides the fitting room constant maintenance and care. It is hard to image a fitting room that is not in an architecture, because it can not fulfill its basic function.

Architecture provides fitting room several fundamental things: lights, ventilation system , walls, etc. Here I will talk about these four factors briefly.

Good light condition is necessary to let customer have a accurate cognition to clothes on them. The light should has the same effect as the daylight, should be light enough and not too light to make customers uncomfortable. Thus, fitting rooms need to be settled in architecture, who can supply lights.

Fitting rooms usually have small spaces, some of them are closed, so the ventilation system are important in this situation, to keep the air always fresh. When ones feel stressed, they are not likely to have the desire for shopping. A good mood is essential in the process of shopping.

For the same reason, a comfortable and steady temperature needs the air conditional system in architecture. No customers would like to try clothes in a very high or very low temperature. But, a suitable temperature also brings a problem it is hard to find out whether a clothe can prevent from coldness or hotness.

The fourth factor is the wall. Although they are many different kinds of fitting room with different kinds of privacy. Some of them consist of 4 walls, some of them only have one wall, but at least, they are have one to hang the mirror, and the pothook. Without a fixed wall, it’s impossible to fulfill it’s basic function. And the existence of architecture make sure the existence of walls, thus, architecture provides the fitting room constant maintenance and care.


task 7

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