A love letter to the animal highway

December 18, 2018

love letter1

Dear bridge,

I don’t know how to express my love to you, because there are no words could show how deeply I love you. You’ve already become a part of my life, although you are too late to come into my life, I still thank people to built you for me, for my family and for all of my companions.

Before you come into my life, I really really hate people, since they destroyed my hometown and separated my wife and I forever when we immigrated last year. I miss my wife so much everyday and hope to see her again even if only once. I think maybe god heard my prayer, so he brought you to my life. Now, the thing what I most favorite to do is staying at one side of you under the sunset and watching my children running across from another side, laughing and playing.

I guess if my wife could be here, she would love you as much as me, since we don’t need to feel panic anymore when we immigrate. There is a most famous sentence, which said “The most distant way in the world is not the way from birth to the end. It is in our love; we are keeping between the distance.” Because of you, many deer like me no longer have to suffer from lovesickness. Although people often say love is selfish, and they don’t want share their lover with anyone else, I want show you and share you with all of my friends and my family members. It’s just like a child got something really nice and special for him/her, so he/she wants to show it for everyone who pass by. I don’t know what’s your thought to me, but I really thank you and really really love you.


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