Animal Highway

December 18, 2018

We always regard us as the Creator to make many infrastructures which are convenient for our life, even arbitrarily determined the life and death of other species. This booklet starts from animals to explore the issues about gender, vulnerabilities, instruments, love, affects, maintenance and care of animal highway. Although people have already decided to do somethings for animals, the premise of all this is after people have met their material needs and these attempts would not affect people’s normal life. From this point, I chose different kinds of animal highways as my cases to explore their influences for animals’ life. And then I gave some of my opinions about the significance and rationality of these animal highways’ existence and how to deal with the relationship between people and animals. How to develop these infrastructures in the future? How can we take care of these infrastructures and so on. Maybe I can’t answer all of these questions yet, but this booklet can let us see ourselves again and don’t see this world from the god view any more.

Animal Highway-Minye

Minye Zhang


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