Animal Highway’s Caring

December 18, 2018


“Since even the helpful emotions can often become misguided or worse—as when excessive empathy with others leads to a wrongful degree of self-denial or when benevolent concern crosses over into controlling domination—we need an ethics of care, not just care itself.”

The caring for animal highway is actual the caring for the relationship between people and animals. The premise of caring for the relationship is people and animals are equal to each other and they all have the right to choose freely. Certainly, we can get involved in each other’s lives, but the intervention should not affect anyone in this system. The animal highway is actually a paradox. We should put down our “creator” attitude and stand on a more objective perspective to maintain this so-called animal highway. This is not only caring for the structure and components of animal highway, but also creating an ecological corridor for people and animals to live in harmony with each other.

The establishment of an ecological corridor can be based on the “Internet of Things” concept that we often refer to now, that means people, animals, ecological corridors and many other elements are all in a large internet of things. Any change in either party is immediately signaled to the information processing center, accordingly allowing the rest of the parties to respond. For example, usually the animal highway stays the same level as the normal highway, so people, animals and nature could have some intervention and communication with each other. When a car enters, the ecological corridor will transmit information to the base station and the base station will give an instruction to lift the normal highway slowly after completing the information processing. After the car passing through the highway, the base station will receive the signal again and give another instruction to let the highway back to the normal level.

In this way, we can better protect animals, not only protect their most basic right to life, but also protect their right to choose something freely just like us. This is also the most efficient way to protect animals.



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