Animal Highway’s Failure

December 18, 2018


Infrastructure becomes most evident at the moment of failure, but failure here is not just about the destruction or collapse of infrastructure, it can also mean that the connections between the various components of an infrastructure are broken. In terms of animal highway, infrastructure’s failure here means the destruction of whole systems consisting of animals, people, transportation, highway, and bridge. These originally conflicting or unrelated individuals have a close relationship with each other due to the animal highway. Therefore, bridge which is the animal highway, is becoming the most important part of the entire system, since all components of the entire system are designed to run around the bridge. Once there is a problem happened with any of those aspects such as design, construction, use, or maintenance, the entire system will face a collapse. Therefore, infrastructure is vulnerable to breakdown and negative entropy.

There is no doubt that, human also play a dominant role in the entire animal highway system because of the system components are designed, built, used, and maintained by people. Therefore, changes in human behavior will largely affect the stability of the entire system. To some extent, animals may also cause a certain degree of impact on the entire system. Although in theory, human has the authorization and ability to control the various components of the system, but it is difficult to control the animal’s ideas. Human can only design and build animal highway based on what human think of animal preferences and living habits. Once the animal highway collapses or be destroyed, the relationship between human and animals may become conflict and tension again. Therefore, in the design process, we must consider the reasons that may cause animal failure, and try to avoid their appearance.

Certainly, these reasons which may cause the failure of animal highway are probably false, since animal highway is an unequal control that people impose on animals. We are born equal to animals, so in fact, we have no right to plan a way for animals’ immigration. They have the freedom to choose their roads just the same as us, so maybe who really need the animal highway is us. Animal highway itself is a kind of failure.


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