What do animals think about the animal highway?

December 18, 2018


“We call a thing good which contributes to the preservation of our being, and we call a thing evil if it is an obstacle to the preservation of our being: that is to say, a thing is called by us good or evil as it increases or diminishes, helps or restrains, our power of action”, said by Spinoza.

From the perspective of human being, there is no doubt that the animal high way acts as a so called ‘good’ infrastructure, since it effectively reduces the risk of traffic accidents on the highway due to the presence of wild animals. “To be affected “in a good way” thus involves an orientation toward something as being good. (…) we might say that happiness is an orientation toward the objects we come into contact with.” As a matter of fact, animal high way is also a way to increase the communication between animals and human being to a certain extent. Before the animal highway has been established, there was only conflicts between animals and human, as a result of the competition for limited land with each other. However, the emergence of animal highway effectively resolves this conflict. In addition, through some special ideas designed by architectural means, there might be interaction and communication happened between animals and human.

But for animals, the action that human only followed with their own will and force animals to keep contact with them after depriving animals of their territory is good or not? Perhaps the animals don’t want to interact with human, keeping distance or staying away is the best protection for them. Of course, anyway, I do not deny that animal highway is the most basic and effective means of protecting the living rights of animals. But what we should know is that what we need to protect is not just the life of animals.




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