Who is the animal highway built for?

December 18, 2018


“In Foucault’s soliloquy, “the road” as a collective equipment of power in extremis holds urban subjects as prisoners of its signifying regime, defining who will be legal and who will be illegal. The first function of the road, he states, is to ensure a profit or a surplus of production, which it accomplishes by staging a dangerous face-off between two characters. The second function of the road is to produce maximum demand in response to the surplus of production.”

Animal highway as a kind of special road system is essentially a form of domination of animals. Besides, before animals have the right to know or get used to this highway, humans have built this for animals without authorization, which human beings act as the regime subject, defining the prescribed activity routes for those animals who is able to move freely here before. It contains a relationship between people and animals, but apparently the relationship is not equal to each other. People always dominate, while animals as vulnerable groups can only accept. Although the original intention of building animal high way is that people would like to do their best to help more animals survive and the emergence of animal high way has indeed saved the lives of many wild animals. However, for animals, the animal high way is only a necessary compensation method from human who requisitioned and developed the living area belongs to animals. As for whether the animal high way is accepted by the animals, we don’t know yet. But still, I do not deny that it is the most basic and effective means of protecting the living rights of animals.

Animal highway, also can be called as ecological corridor, consists of animals, people, transportations, highway and bridges. Every two parts of them can have interactions to each other. Therefore animal highway can be not only a simple infrastructure to save animals’ lives, but also a new way to let people and animals get close to each other. At the stage, people are not the dominator for animals anymore, but they are friends to each other.



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