New places with new happy objects

January 3, 2019

ett nytt torg

”A most important achievement of feminism has been to establish that the experience of women is as important, relevant, and philosophically interesting as the experience of men. ”

-Virginia Held, ‘The Ethics of Care as Moral Theory’ in The Ethics of Care.

The square is already a space that architects pays much attention to, to design a square is a prestigious job and it’s often done in a normative way. The question is how architecture could make the public environment and the square a more inclusive environment for both women and other non-normative groups? I think it’s about challenging the idea of the square, creating more varies designs and developing new architectural options. Above all, we must change that the man’s body and men as a collective are the norm in the public space, if that can be done by architecture.

An answer could be to create new places where other forms of collective can take place. Throughout history, the public space has belonged to the man and still does in many ways, which is a heavy structure to breakdown, but perhaps a greater variety of programs in the public space, and new meeting places where more types of collective can be created as a way to include all kinds of bodies can be one way. If possible, with architectural work, we could create new physical environments with new happy objects, and sometimes turn around the situation of who is active, who is watching and who is absent.


Task 7- Isa Draiby

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