We meet at Queen Louise’s Bridge

January 3, 2019


There is not really much here, a bridge, with two walls, a few benches, a wide sidewalk a bike path. But Queen Louise’s Bridge is a public space full of life despite its simple design, with the function of connecting two districts in central Copenhagen over a lake. A lock where the city’s pulse is expressed in passing cyclists and pedestrians, but also a place where people are only and hang out in different ways.

In the spring I will put myself in the middle of the bridge, with a cheap with a great good falafel In the hand In good friends’ company and in the periphery of the conversation, watch the bikes pass between Nørrebro and Nørreport. Lean my back to the south wall of the bronze wall, warmed by the sun and look at people and feel a split euphoria that a new season starts. People will come and go but as long as the sun is shining, the wall and sidewalk will be filled with life and people who pass or just hang out and enjoy the feeling of being there people. Someone reads a book, someone drinks beer and smokes cigarettes, someone has attracted people to dance with a boombox and someone eats food or takes a coffee with a friend.

Then the ice will melt on the lake and the trees start to get leaves and at Queen Louise’s bridge you can notice just this, the seasons, the smells and the weather, while you’re in the wind while you’re surrounded by people in the middle of the city.


Task 4- Isa Draiby


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