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Case study: CCTV in Rosengård.

December 12, 2018

This is my contribution to this seminar course, in which I share some thoughts about CCTV in Rosengård, a highly monitored residential district in Malmö. Built in the 1960s – 70s, Rosengård is often described as a brutal piece of architecture, not seldom is the built environment blamed for the social unrest in the area. My aim has not been to cover all there is to know about CCTV, rather to reflect on how it might feel to live in a surveilled neighborhood, and the acceptance of digitally distributed information gathered about all people who are filmed while spending time outside their homes. // Maria

Maria Olsson Eklund CCTV_PDF_20181211

The Infrastructure of Memory

December 12, 2018

The Infrastucture of Memory

Through this Seminar series I have attempted to understand and analyse the infrastructure of memory through the specific case study of Stockholms momuments and memorials. Part of this research involved mapping those within the central Stockholm, some 130 momuments. Though not an exhausive map, it offers an insight into the nature of remebering within the city and the story it has to tell.

Liam Gordon Price


December 11, 2018

Here is my final booklet about Facebook.  Looking at Facebook through different aspects gives me a wider and deeper understanding of the platform as a social media and how much it actually affects its users in different ways, and the importance of knowing how we are affected to be able to take control. Some of the affects we might be aware of and some of them we’re not.

architecture & feminism_facebook

/Amelie Norén

unable & irresponsible

December 11, 2018


The metro can be thought of as the other of the city – a rational system, its tunnels constructed to be what they are, functional, not to be seen or inhabited – planned and built rather than constantly changing. The stations with their entrance and exit points are intersections where the unpredictable human bodies of the streets are brought into this rational infrastructure, allowed contact under the precondition they follow the rules – rules enforced through design.

åse skaldeman


Skanstull Metro and Crossing

December 11, 2018

Artboard 1

This booklet talks of the discovery of an object related to a specific infrastructure, through the unexpected relationship it has with another infrastructure. These texts will allow us to approach the object in different ways and reevaluate our preconceptions regarding it. Its main functionality is working so much in the background that the purpose that it is now being known for, was unintended by the designer and repurposed by a mass of bodies that over time came to find unexpected ways of relating to this object.
The booklet investigates the air pressure equalization shaft in Skanstull metro from a few different concepts related to critical thinking and gender theory and will in the end suggest an architectural design that acknowledges the specific function that the object has come to hold and how to empower that function through acts of care.

August Persson


Infrastructural Love

December 4, 2018

Here I attach my final booklet with texts and drawings on the case of commercials as infrastructure for trade and business. In .pdf format it is best to display it in two-side mode with cover page being the first two-sides.
/Kinga Zemła

Download here:

Kinga Zemła – Booklet

Between Over-Control and Safety

December 3, 2018


This booklet is a series of reflection on the infrastructure of surveillance contemplating on the presence CCTV-cameras in public and semi-public spaces. The responses on various readings lead the observation through the issues of care, mainteinance, vulnerabilities, affect, gender and love. The case study is based on the example of two capitals – Moscow and Stockholm, the cities with completely different political and social viewpoints on the subject.

The aim is probably not to find the genuine answers but to ask the right questions. Why are we so afraid of being observed? Is surveillance an act of care? What is the right balance between being taken care of and being controlled? Why did you put a piece of tape on your laptop camera – do you really think someone gives a damn about what you do in front of it?

Join me, dear rope-walkers, on a journey Between Over-Control and Safety.

Ekaterina Ulitina

The Infrastructure of a library

December 3, 2018

The infrastructure of the library is a small collection of my contemplations on libraries as an infrastructural system, how it works, what its different parts are and how they interact to support and maintain the infrastructure.

The library is an infrastructure of information and knowledge and its function, or role, is to store and convey that knowledge.

The library is also a social infrastructure and reflects its society at each time.




-Ásta Þórðardóttir

Infrastructure & Gender – Bagarmossen Metro Station

November 30, 2018


The object of study for this project has been the metro station in Bagarmossen, where I live. Even though I both study architecture and use the metro almost every day, I hadn’t reflected so much in the architecture of my local metro station in Bagarmossen. It was not until I started to draw it that I realized that the station is kind of shaped like a star.

Infrastructure is many times so taken for granted that we don’t even think about it. We don’t reflect over all the infrastructure that we use on a daily basis or how much of our physical world that somehow is, or relate to, infrastructure. We, the society, shape the infrastructure for our needs, and the infrastructure also shapes us and our lives. Among other, infrastructure connects us to other people, it makes our life easier in many ways and provide us with material commodities and necessities. Since there are issues of gender inequality in the society, those issues are off course mirrored or entangled in our infrastructures, in our physical and social environments.

Helena Eriksson

Revenge of Beach Trash

May 10, 2018

Here is my final version!