The Logic of Sensation (in the institution)

Elective Seminar::Masters of Architecture, Semester Two 2011

Architecture+Philosophy: The Logic of Sensation (in the institution)

Dr Hélène Frichot, Senior Lecturer, Program of Architecture

Thursdays 9.30-12.30, 8.12.38

Friday evenings 6.30-7.30 when Architecture+Philosophy Public Lecture Series events are scheduled.

This architecture+philosophy elective seminar will examine the logic of sensation as it pertains to the architectural space of the institution, including the clinic, the prison, the academy, and the museum. The seminar will critically assess, through a series of set readings and by undertaking diagram work, the ways in which sensation or ‘blocks of affect’ circulate in the space of the institution.

Participants are also expected to attend all the Architecture+Philosophy public lectures ( presented throughout Semester 01.


(NOTE: your assessment is made up of three parts, please read carefully below!)

01::PART ONE: 40%

Every week in response to the given readings you will be required to produce a line drawing that will be developed toward a logic of sensation colouring-in book. You will also be required to write a 300-500 word response to the given reading. This response should offer a brief summary of the essay as well as your critical and creative response to the essay.

-a): To be uploaded on the BLOG: and presented each week in class.

-b): To be compiled and completed as an A4 colouring-in book by Friday Week 13 (21 October 2011). Submit as a hard copy to my pigeonhole).

-c): Also submit final colouring-in book to ISSUU and create a link back to the Projects link on the archandphil BLOG.

 02::PART TWO: 50%

You will develop a major essay of 3000 words that will make an account of an instance of the logic of sensation at work in an institutional setting of your choice. This will include a title, abstract, the essay proper, and a bibliography. It must be fully referenced.


An abstract is a brief scholarly written document, which can be supported by visual information. It is a convention that is in widespread use in the context of academic conferences and publications. For instance, on responding to a call for papers announced by conference organisers, participants, in the first instance, submit what is called an ‘abstract’ of what they plan to present. Conference organisers then review these abstracts and accept or decline proposals according to given criteria.

a): Please write a minimum of 300 words outlining the particular question or problem that you will address in your major essay, along with a working title and preliminary bibliography. These will be discussed during the seminar in week 5.

-b): PLEASE upload to discussion link on:



You will be required to write an essay (3000 words) that is well illustrated with images and your own diagrams of analysis. You will focus on your chosen architectural-institutional example.

a): To be submitted Friday Week 14 (28 October 2011). To be submitted as a full colour pdf document low resolution to

b): Also submit to ISSUU. Create a link under the discussion link of to your essay on ISSUU.


03::PART THREE: 10%

Attend all arch+phil lectures on during semester one, 2011.

*All of the material that is collected, whether text based or image based, whether in a book, journal or online, must be carefully, consistently and fully referenced.


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