October 12, 2011

This Saturday there is an opportunity for everyone to stand up against corporate greed and the criminality of the rich and powerful. We live in a world where 1% of the worlds richest people own 40% of the worlds wealth. 20% of the worlds richest own 85% of the world wealth. 15% of the worlds wealth is owned by 85% of the population.

For the past 3 weeks thousands of people have occupied ‘liberty plaza’ in NY. They are the 99%. We are the 99%. The 99% who face rising unemployment and falling living conditions. We are the 99% who have lost jobs and homes and are ever increasingly living in poverty. The slogans, ‘people before profits’, ‘if only the war on poverty was a real war’,’this is what democracy looks like’ illustrates the discontent that ordinary people feel with the capitalist system. The injustice, corruption and inequality that is systemic. For example. Over the past decade the US has spent 600 billion invading iraq and afghanistan, while in the US 1 in 10 people live in poverty, 46 million. These are the effects of the capitalist system. But they are not just numbers or isolated to the US. 878 million people live on less than $2 a day. Currently there are 1,300 solidarity occupations in cities right around the world. Not just in solidarity with wall st but the occuptations, revolutions across the middle east and europe over the past year.

This saturday is melbournes turn. If you want to see change, a better world, a world where war, famine, inequality, oppression and discrimination no longer exist I will see you down at the city square. Check out http://occupymelbourne.org/



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