Traces of a self-feeding change

October 1, 2014


Binary things. Man woman. Machine Nature. Culture Nature. Self-organizing. Autopoiesis.

Post-industrial. Capitalism. Capitalizing on potential value. The market. Things started to move very fast after industrialization. Mass-producrtion, products reaching its new owner without physical contact. The market being the in-between. Not a physical thing but still very real.

Moving into stock market and becoming an autopoiesis – A self feeding monster always in need of exponetional growth. Not really in need of the physical product anymore.

The anthropocene is the historical movement when the human has becomed a geological force capable of effecting all life on the planet. But one could also perhaps argue that the anthropocene is the historical movement when the human stepped asside and stopped being in charge.

The posthuman being the product of this movement. Working its way through a changing society, finding new ways to interact as the distances is getting even larger, even thou the world due to technology is becoming ‘smaller’. Who is the the posthuman, shifting between virtual and real, between culture and nature still being an animal in need of basic physical things, still being this technical non-physical system. Shifting between binary things without them being contraty. A warewolf or a shifter, probably some kind of mystical tech-creature.

This is how I would like to see the posthuman landscape. A constant shift between binary things – still seeing them as non-dual. Just pieces with relations. Binary by accident, possible to replace, binary only because of the need of constant chanche between something.

The transitional fossil being that is rendered as a bi-product of the change. Showing what is lost and what is re-formulated and invented, made. The binary systems is not intresting because there is no competition between the two, only a constant change of perspectives leaving behind traces – not spiecies, transitional fossils, identities that is constituted quickly and reliable under a short period of time. In a way the transitional fossil is being made in the place where the pulsating change is taking a breath and re-booting. In a way it is the binary non-duality. Maybe one could say its like moving in a large shopping center. Following the indoor-street, bouncing between shops and signs. Moving between extreme represetations that still follow the same system.
My site is where the traces are being stored and the transitional creature formulated.

Example 1. The new information that the computer generates in a picture when the camera for some reason cant capture the image like irl.
Example 2. Nature that is re-made by human hands. Planted forest, man-made swamps.
Example 3. The gap you find in your digital drawings when zoomed in max.
Example 4. The difference between your virtual identity and your physical.


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