The memory boy

October 22, 2014

The memory boy

My container is the delay pedal ”Memory boy” by the company electro harmonix. It is an analog delay pedal used to generate a specific sound. You have an input signal witch is being recorded in the container ( the delay pedal ). This recording can be made in different ways. At first tape loops where used where you manually adjusted the length of the loops. Some time later on you could start to adjust the speed of the loops and the read – & write – heads. This will give you different results and you can control the output sound. This is the tape delay. In another example they use rotating magnetic drum as a storing medium. With this techique the audio quality of the recording in the effect would lack in quality over time. Other devices used spinnig magnetic discs.
You also have the solid state delays, the ”memory boy is of this type. Instead of using moving parts as a record/play medium they use a specific circuit called Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) The analog signal is moving trough a series of capacitors. The name comes from the act of passing a bucket of water in a line of people when taking out fires.
There is a analog to analog process. The playback might be changed in different ways, with time and other things but the end result is still analog.
Digital delays where the analog sound is being translated by a analog-to-digital-converter, end up with a digitallized end result.
You have a analog to digital process, and when listening you can find a digital to analog process. 1: analog to analog to ear ( analog ) 2: analog to digital to ear ( analog )

The end result, the sound played back to your ears, is a result of a performance of a series of processes in relation to material specificities ( the original audio input ) and the environment/ room/ speaker where the sound is materialized.

In order to control the end result you can choose

1: Matter ( the inout sound ) 2: Adding matter specificities ( create a material with analog/digital processes ) 3: Choose a form to perceive this material in ( an environment ) = A specific sound-being generating a specific environment with the chosen room, a specific subject/environment-composite?

1: Matter ( Stone ) 2: Adding matter specificities ( create a material by crushing stones into different sizes ) 3: Choose a form to perceive this material in ( Make a very large pile on a field ) = A skiing slope / a shading hill / a home to new plants, a composite environment

1: Matter ( A group of 10 people ) 2: Adding matter specificities( 7 people suffers from illness, 3 people are mmedically trained ) 3: Choose a form to perceive this material in ( An empty square ) = An emergency situation in need of medical equitment, a composite environment/situation/a course of events

1: Matter ( a bowl ) 2: Adding matter specificities ( Its made of plastic) 3: Choose a form to perceive this material in ( its filled with milk ) = Possibility to drink a bowl of milk/ a bowl of milk/ a composite of materials and objects with specific contexts and performance, a network/ composite of specificities?

/Kristina Sundin


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