Social vulnerability

November 30, 2018


Relaying on Facebook, and the rest of the internet is a risk in many ways. We rely on it as a way to stay connected to our friends and other social contexts. We rely on it to keep sensitive information safe. We also rely on it to keep information for us, calendars, personal information, pictures and memories etc. You could almost see it as a kind of a digital dairy that collects information about you and your life, where you always can scroll back and see what you did five years ago, what you posted on your page, what events you attended and who you were hanging out with.

There is a number of threats that could break down the system or jeopardize the safety of Facebook in a second. An interference in the network frequencies could have dire consequences as it could shut down the network in less than a second, that could be caused by bad weather as well as humans.

Another example is hackers. People dedicated and skilled in programming and computer infrastructure. A hacker could in theory break into the servers of Facebook and overcome sensitive information that may violate your privacy and safety. It could be someone that overcomes pictures of you and uses them for purposes you might not be aware of.

The last example is computer viruses, a computer program with malicious intent. A computer virus could be programmed to do basically anything within the boundaries of the network. It could be things like spread information, collect information, delete information, modify computer programs, etc.

Even if the risk of an interference in the network or of Facebook being attacked by a virus or a hacker is very small you can never be sure where your sensitive information ends up and what it might be used for, or maybe even be deleted.

/Amelie Norén


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