November 24, 2018

Task 7 - Care and maintenanceCare comes in various forms and shapes, especially in my infrastructural case.

First in the microscopic view it is me who constantly cleanes and oiles the glasses on a daily and weekly basis. But there is the care that my optician takes when I bring the glasses in. Maybe they have slightly deformed or maybe my eyes have gon worse and it needs some adaption. So in this small area I am taking care of the actual thing.

But if we look further up the system, there can be lots of points where maintenance and care needs to be applied. First on all the maschines that are used in the actual production line, those need to be maintained and newly callibrated on a weekly basis. Another big factor in the system is the human ressource. Knowledge needs to be updated, people need to be taken care of in an emotional and physical manner. That can go from  a good team that works well together, enought sick days, holidays or healthcare to having a gym at work for the physical fitness and external lectures or workshops and discussions for the mental fitness.

But there is also maintenance and care to be taken of the overall system. Here we have four countries involved, each with its on educational system, where the people involved had to go through. Education is this big piece of infrastructure that need to be updated and maintained really carefully to ensure a countries future. Without a proper educatunal infrastracture a countrie or industriy will not have the visionairies and work force of the future and is not able to acually sustain itself in the long run. In conclusion I can only say that this journey that started with a simple object has led to a much larger system of infrastructure and logistics than thought of in the beiginnning, and at every step it needs care and love  in the small and the big things to make it run longer.

Task 7

Michaela Ulmann


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